Project Fashion

"Where Fashion Meets Euphoric Liberation"

The fashion industry is one that exudes fierceness and competition, but this brand let none of that stand in the way of them making their mark. Meet Dominique, owner of Project Fashion, a Chicago based business that is headed straight to the top of the list of major names in runway and fashion. 

The Origin​

Dominique cultivated the idea for this business in August of 2017, diligently working to study the ends and outs of fashion. From studying trends, investing in e-business courses, and researching successful marketing techniques, she knew that her business would be a success. After a lot of growth, prayer, and research she held a soft launch for Project Fashion in April of 2018. 

The motivation behind this brand is the passion, power, and freedom that it embodies. Dominique says "Fashion does so much for me and other women, alike. It allows us to speak without speaking. It allows us to express ourselves through colors and attitudes. My motivation is all of the women, and men, in the world that operate in an unapologetic manner. The people who never make excuses for being who they are and showing it outright!" 

Project Fashion looks to target the "unapologetic, confident and assertive woman. It was made to embody the essence of a woman that can walk into any room and demand the attention of others. NOT because of the label she is wearing, but because of the attitude and persona she exudes." This woman is a force to be reckoned with and something she calls "The Reason Storms Have names". 

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Don't let the age of Project Fashion fool you, this brand although launched earlier this year, has accomplished more than you could imagine! PF hit the ground running after its launch, with multiple successful pop-up shops around Chicago. They were also a part of the "CIROC The Runway: Summer Edition" fashion show, iCandy6 Fashion show directed by none other than Blake Martin himself. PF was also invited to participate in "Summer's Not Over Yet" fashion show and day party hosted by stylist and TV personality Dani J.  Dominique didn't stop there though, PF had the very distinct pleasure of participating in a "Small Boutique Fashion Show" during the well renowned New York Fashion Week, the industry's largest platform for independent brands.   

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Goals and Upcoming Engagements

When asked about her goals for this outstanding brand Dominique expressed desire to expand on current success on a larger scale, " I would like to see our brand open several brick and mortar storefronts in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. I would like to eventually partner with various charities and give back to women in need. I would also like to play a part in educating women on how to start a business and maintain several streams of income."

As far as upcoming events, PF has been invited to participate in "Black Sunday Pop Up Shop" at the Quarry Event Center located at 2423 E 75th Street, Chicago, IL, 60649 on November 25, 2018 3-7pm. 

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