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Welcome to Blush Bar! Think of this blog as the best friend you never had, (or have, uh awkward). The idea here is to offer quick tips, fashion hacks, and even a little tough love advice. As you check out each tab you'll find top individuals in their perspective fields, a little bit about them, and most importantly where to find them! If there's not something that catches your eye, don't worry! It'll be updated periodically, so be sure to subscribe to stay "in the know". Meet the blogger below!

The Blush Babe

Ashley Harley is a 27 year old with a passion for the beauty, fashion, and media industries and incredible talent for writing. Naturally utilizing her immaculate writing ability with all things beauty related led her to blogging. Connecting followers to businesses that provide services every glam babe needs while offering a platform for articles and advice columns is nothing short of a dream come true. This is a huge step toward her goal of becoming an influencer in media and public relations!